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Notices, possession hearings, process serving:

Commercial Services

Section 8 and 21 notices

We are often asked whether a section 21 or a section 8 is the most viable way forward for a landlord who wants to remove a tenant. We often find it viable and expedient to serve both at the same point of service. We are happy to discuss this with you to ensure we take the best route forward. Our costs for matters such as these are £130 + VAT.

Interim possession order

If the occupier of your property is unknown to you and has never been a tenant, it may be possible to select this route to progress. This route expedites the stand statutory times applicable with a standard application. 

Full possession hearing

Sometimes it is necessary to use neither the section 8 or the 21 and instead apply to court to seek possession through a County court of the tenant or trespasser’s jurisdiction. Matters such as correct jurisdiction are a commonplace issue in which landlord’s often make errors and we can provide assistance with matters such as this. 

Process serving

For the above methods a certificate of service is a required formality, and we are pleased to offer a process serving service. Without a valid certificate your matter is likely to be struck out at the hearing.. Our servers will always make themselves available on the day of your hearing for an additional cost.

Lease determination/forfeiture

Where outstanding rent is due and you wish to regain control of your property we are able to take instruction at a moments notice to review your lease to determine the most viable method of moving forward. Lease determination is often a desirable approach where commercial rent remains outstanding.

Abridging time

This is our preferred remedy to remove trespassers in the most efficient manner. Where the trespassers are required to be moved on the day of occupation this can be issued in the High court and it removes the statutory 5 and 2 day notice periods. 

Penetration testing

We offer a more hands on approach to building and business security; penetration testing. Our experts will attend your premises and assess weaknesses and find areas which are in desperate need for improvement . If your building has been recently trespassed or broken into our security assessment service can make your building more secure. 

Building protection

Your property or premises can need a variety of protective measures. When a property is broken into it is often worthwhile to metal over the windows, ensure all doors are secure. We can be on hand in an instant to protect your building and ensure that its contents remain safe.

Other security

Whether a large commercial site or a small property, every bit of land in the UK requires some protection. This can be to deter squatters, vandals, trespassers or other nefarious characters. There are a variety of preventative steps that we can recommend and install to protect your property. For instance; static guards, dog units, metaling over windows and doors, security cameras and large physical blockades.

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What we do

We are a small firm of bailiffs and landlord’s appointed agents that specialise in results without compromising our client. Since 2014 and the growing uncertainty with Ministry of Justice legislation we have sought to refine and simplify the law so it is understandable by all. We have often found that our clients have already fallen down pitfalls that could have been easily avoided and winds up costing the client more in the long run. If you instruct us today we are able to set you on the right path for an affordable and effective service.

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