How do you remove trespassers from a building or property

There are a variety of options when dealing with trespassers inside your property. The key to these situations however is speed. Haste in your reaction is essential.

The first matter to determine when dealing with the removal or eviction of a trespasser is to determine what type of trespasser they are. A traveller on a field or a drive way is a different process to a squatter in a commercial or residential building.

There are certain forms of self help remedies avaliable to landlords and leaseholders. If there is a prior relationship between the persons trespassing and the landlord this changes the dynamic. An emergency court order may be sought to remove the trespassers.

There are certain situations in which a landlord’s agent can act to remove the trespassers. They are able to break in or defeat locks and then use reasonable force to remove those inside the property.

An interim possession order is another route which may be sought. It is however context dependent with a variety of stipulations that must be complied with in order to succeed at the hearing. Our specialist experts are able to provide assistance with this.

An accelerated procedure can be used to quicken the process to obtain the fastest method possible to remove squatters. The accelerated procedure and the method of abridging time ensure the quickest turn around possible to remove trespassers.

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