Clean up after an eviction, who pays?

Clean up after an eviction, who pays?

Unfortunately, for a landlord an eviction does not mean you are out of the woods. For some, vacant possession or possession forthwith does not end the nightmare of a squat or traveler site.

The extent of clean-up required

We have seen sites well within excess of 150 tonnes of waste – much of which has been asbestos. From previous evictions experience, we often find it necessary and prudent to implement a needle sweep of the property in conjuncture with visual checks for asbestos, as both of these materials are potentially hazardous to the landlord and our agents. Further items that can and have be found in squats include; fecal matter, blood and various other bodily fluids. With the eviction of travelers, the removal of commercial waste is a common task.

Each site we have been in attendance to usually requires an extensive clean-up, which is a task we will take instruction on if required.

What can the landlord do?

In an unfortunate turn for the landlord there is very little that can be done. As often those tresspassers are persons or persons unknown or of no fixed abode. It is therefore hard to claim against them through the traditional court procedure route, i.e. damages.

Furthermore, the environment agency can clamp down on landlords with land with contaminated waste. it is therefore prudent to remove waste soon after reoccupation or risk being slapped with remedial notices and costs. 

We have limited alternatives, but there are options to try and recover some of the costs incurred. However, they are circumstance specific. If you would like to discuss this recovery please do get in contact with us.