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Over our many years of service within the enforcement & debt collection industry we understand the stress that an unruly tenant or bad debtor can present for an individual and a business. Working closely with landlords, businesses and solicitors we have amassed a vast wealth of knowledge enabling us to discuss and implement effective solutions for clients.

Residential Services
(Landlord and tenant)

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in the first instance if you have any landlord and tenant related matter

Commercial Services

Service to landlords in the commercial sector can range from removal of trespassers either inside a building or simply occupying a car park to collecting overdue rent (CRAR)

Section 21 and 8 notices
(Tenant eviction/residential eviction)

We are often asked whether a section 21 or a section 8 is the most viable way forward for a landlord who wants to remove a tenant. We often find it expedient to serve both documents at the same point of service. We are always happy to discuss this with you to ensure we take the best route forward. Our costs for matters vary depending on the difficulty and our level of involvement. We can happily provide you with a quote for how much it will cost us to evict your tenant with a residential eviction. 

Process serving

All of the remedies offered by the county court require the process server to provide a valid certificate of service, without this the case cannot proceed. Our servers will often turn up at court where ineffectual service is claimed to support his own statement. We are happy to offer nationwide process serving services and we able have a quick turnaround on any documents you wish to have served. 

IPO - Squatter/trespasser removal
Interim possession order

Housing and homelessness is an age old problem and gone are the days where a landlord could simply force the door and use reasonable force to remove the trespassers (squatters). With a minefield of legalities that a landlord would often find off putting a simple call to us could protect the landlord form future litigation and prosecution from the trespassers as well as getting their removal underway.   

Lease determination
(CRAR alternative, commercial eviction)

Where outstanding rent is due and you wish to regain control of your property by way of peaceable re-entry we are able to take instruction at a moments notice to have our experts peruse your lease and provide the most viable method. This process is often a more viable than the CRAR route. If this is something you’d like to discuss please contact us today to discuss this matter.

Abridging time & accelerated possession hearings

The Human Rights issues at the forefront of all judges minds and decisions legislation was set in place to afford people two days in a commercial building or five days inside of a house without the risk of eviction. Sometimes it is necessary for safety or sale of a property to remove the trespassers forthwith. This is done in the High Courts and we are more than happy to discuss all the implications with you. 

Full possession hearing

Not less than 7 days and not more than 14 days after an IPO is granted in our favor and dependent on how public holidays fall the court must list a full possession hearing. If the trespassers have been in residence for more than 28 days then we will make an application to a County Court of their jurisdiction for a possession hearing. Once we have the order in place we can instruct the County Court bailiff of their jurisdiction to execute a warrant. If time is of the essence ourselves and sister High Court enforcement company.

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